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Artwork Guidelines and Requirements

Quick Reference

File Types: PDF, EPS, AI, PSD, TIFF
  Providing an INDD file, or artwork that does not meet our
guidelines, may incure additional artwork handling charges.
  We cannot accept the following file types:
Images: Embedded or Linked (include all linked files)
Fonts: Converted to Curves/Outlines
All Fonts Included
100 dpi @ 100% (actual print size)
Recommended 150 - 300 dpi
File Size: Under 2 GB
Colors: PMS colors should be specified in-file as CMYK swatches,
no Spot Colors 
  Specify PMS #s for Color Matching Purposes Only
Color Matching cannot be provided on raster artwork,
or for screen or thermal orders 
Additional Handling: $75 / hour
1 hour minimum


Image Resolution & Viewing Distance

Viewing Distance
6 in
1 ft
2 ft
3 ft
5 ft
10 ft
50 ft

• 100-300 dpi is best for most applications.
• Greater viewing distance = lower resolution.
  ex: Billboard vs. trade show graphics vs. art photograph in gallery
• Files over 500 mb slow down computers, and may incur additional artwork handling fees.

Bleeds & Finishing

  • Bleeds are not required unless noted on the template or graphic size provided,
  or unless creating artwork with special finishing.
• Retractor banners generally require 1/2 inch to 1 inch on top for the snap rails,
  and 6 to 8 inches on bottom for the leader.
• Banners need bleed for the full area of any pole pockets or finishing that involves
  folding and/or sewing.
• Ask your sales rep whether a bleed should be included.

If you are particular about the
appearance of your finished pole
pocket, please setup the artwork
with full bleed, or you may be
charged an additional art handling
fee for the time it takes to adjust
your artwork for bleed.


Additional Handling Fees

  You may incur additional artwork handling fees if your artwork does not meet our requirements. Examples of situations that may cause your artwork to require additional handling include, but are not limited to:
         • Incorrect Dimensions or Not Set Up to Template
         • Color Matching Requested but Colors Not Spec’ed In-File
         • Changes/Adjustments Requested
         • Changed Artwork File Submitted After Proof
         • Missing Fonts
         • Files Set Up in InDesign or Corel
         • Screen or Thermal Files with Gradients, Messy Vectors
         • Raster Files Requiring Vectorization
         • Low Resolution
         • Individual Files Over 500 MB
We will contact you for your consent before proceeding.

File Setup

File Naming
Please provide files with useful, descriptive names. Whenever possible, include the order number in the file name. This will help our graphics specialists better track your artwork.
When providing artwork for jobs with multiple different printed pieces, please place each piece in a separate file, and name each file clearly. For example: two different artwork for the front of a double-sided banner, and a third artwork on the back of both, clearly label:
         [OrderNumber]_front1.eps [OrderNumber]_front2.eps

When preparing artwork for products with multiple adjacent panels, set up as a single file.
ex: Show N Rise
Please confirm accurate measurements. When creating your artwork file, please be sure to make the document page size the full desired size of the artwork (with bleed when necessary).

Files not set up to our specifications may require an additional artwork handling fee.
Programs & File Types
Artwork should be created in Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator, CS4 or sooner. When using any other program, artwork MUST be saved as a PDF or EPS.

For raster images, please send both layered and flattened images whenever possible. Layered files allow our graphics specialists to make necessary alterations to the artwork if you notice an error or in case the file is not setup ideally.

Adjustments beyond basic pre-press steps may incur additional artwork handling fee.

Order & Submission Process

Quotes & Placing an Order w/ Artwork
To guarantee that we provide you with the best quality printing, and to ensure that your artwork meets basic requirements for your desired printing method, please be sure to email your sales rep a low resolution JPG or PDF of your artwork during the quoting phase. Depending on your desired printing method and the complexity of your artwork, you may be asked to send your full artwork in advance to be certain it meets all requirements.

Failure to meet the guidelines relevant to your artwork and process may result in your order being delayed and incurring additional artwork handling charges.

We are unable to guarantee quotes made without artwork samples.

Submitting Artwork
If you are submitting artwork files with your order, please following instructions when placing order.

If you are sending artwork after you have placed your order and the files are under 6 MB, please email your artwork to your sales rep.


Proofs & Approvals
A PDF proof is available upon request. Additional charges may apply to print proofs.

Turn Times
Your sales rep will provide you with a current turn time estimate. We will do everything in our power to ensure that your order reaches you when you need it.

Official Turn Time begins upon receipt of proof approval.
Turn times DO NOT Include Shipping.