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Vehicle Wrap Information

Vehicle Wrap Order & Design Information

large format printing

Large Format Graphics is an awesome resource for vehicle wraps.  It can be a tricky process, and we have mastered it. The following tips will help to ensure that your wrap job is done as swiftly as possible.

If you are interested in learning more, please take a look at the following information and use the contact link below.  There are many things to consider when designing a vehicle. Understanding the information below will give you a great head start.

The Process

The photo gallery below tells the story. 

After you have submitted your design you will receive proofs, once approved, the job goes to print, then installation occurrs and finally you are on the road.

Set Up for Success

It all starts with a good design.  Your project will be set up for success when:

  • You provide a good layered file with vector art and ...
  • Text is saved as shapes (or you supply the font files).
  • Dimensions and scale are communicated - (ala 1/20).  We will print to the dimensions and scale you provide.
  • Key pms colors are called out.  Compare your pms to "coated colors" or send physical sample of the color you hope to  hit. Note, RGB or CMYK information does not help.  Only PMS.
  • You utilize a template for the exact vehicle that you are working on. 
  • You have seen the car first hand so you know what direction you want to go with things like emblems, plastic parts, handles, mirrors, roof.  Vehicle visits prevent problems.
  • Order a color proof ($25).  Provide a file at 2' x 2' with the colors that you are interested in proofing.
  • Bleeds are added by you - Since vehicles have multiple curves, we ask that you add 6” of image bleed to all sides of the vehicle to be certain there is enough image for installation purposes. Be sure you adjust your bleed accordingly to the scale you are creating your file in.

Templates vs. Actual

You can order a template for your vehicle below, just complete the order form and submit.

Vehicle templates are very useful guides for design purposes. Please keep in mind that there are often variations from the template to the actual vehicle. For instance what may appear to be a surface that you can apply to may actally not work (see notes on plastic parts below).

large format printing

When you compare the template above to the actual vehicle below there are several key differences.

Items on the design that could not be covered include:

  • The hard plastic base at the bottom of the car.
  • Plastic back rear view mirrors.
  • Black moulding around the windows.
  • Plastic door handles.

Features like these can be caught by doing a physical examination of the car during the design process.

large format printing
large format printing

graphics wont stick well to plastic surfaces like this


The windows will have a perforated vinyl that will be placed on them. We print the image onto this material however; due to the perforation in the material your image loses some vibrancy. You will be able to see out of the window.

Duke Hastert

Duke Hastert

Contact for more info

Phone: 612-900-9926

Total Project Management

LFG is skilled at national fleet programs and individual projects alike. Wherever your project may be, we are ready to get it done with our national network of certified installers.

Accurate Image and Text Placement

We suggest that you do not place any critical elements (text, logos, critical imagery) within 5” of the top, bottom front or back of the vehicle or of wheel wells, license plate, door handles, reflectors, and other objects that are noted on the template. When text placement is critical, we will often suggest text be done using cut vinyl, to ensure proper placement.

Curvy angular edges can be a trick when trying to connect images around a corner.

It's best to attempt this with solid colors and minimal lines / images to connect.

Please note that this is an inexact science and occasionally there may be a shift in the exact location of certain design elements.

large format printing

This was a really tight fit and it worked because the measuements of this vehicle were very well understood by the designer and the installer alike.


There are 3 options with emblems on cars.

  1. Remove them - they are sometimes destroyed in the process.
  2. Cover them - like the photo above. We will always take this approach unless otherwise instructed.
  3. Cut around them (below). This is easily done with basic images below.
large format printing
large format printing

Drop Off Instructions

Upon delivering your vehicle to the installer you will need to run it through the nearest car wash.  If it's winter it will need to be insider for 12 hours prior to the wrap.

Roll driver side window down (in case the car has self locking doors).